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Bought by Howard Gibson in 1978 from the Retief family, this farm is our flagship farm, the seed from which Doornkraal Agri has grown to the Agri business it is today. These days it boasts many modern varieties of fruit, tended lovingly using cutting-edge agricultural practice.

Pome fruit: 120 ha


Along with Doornkraal, Hartebeestvallei is the original farm that George Gibson inherited from his father Howard. Its name, meaning “Valley of the Hartebeest” hearkens back to a time when these large antelope roamed the valley freely.

Pome fruit: 120 ha


Meaning “Small beginnings”, this farm was acquired by George Gibson in 2001. Originally used for mixed farming without extensive orchards, this farm is now devoted solely to horticulture, and has grown from its small beginnings to stand toe-to-toe with the best.

Pome fruit: 120 ha


Acquired in 2012 by George Gibson and his son Alexander, Visgat is nestled in a remote corner of the Witzenberg Valley. The relatively new orchards are rooted in rocky soil, blending in among picturesque rural surroundings and the beautiful natural landscape.

Pome fruit: 70 ha


This 4500 ha farm in the Ceres Karoo region is primarily used for winter grazing for our livestock. It is also home to spectacular stargazing and the stark beauty of the Karoo.


The heart of Driefontein farm is a picturesque valley nestled between the ridges of the Waboomberg mountain known as Die Kloof (meaning “The Gorge”). The high altitude, cold climate and run-off water from the regular snowfall on the surrounding mountains produce excellent pome fruit.

Pome fruit: 120 ha


Buitenstekloof is hidden in a small valley of the Waboomberg mountains. Its name means “Furthest Gorge” in Afrikaans, due to its remote location. Its fertile soil is excellent for both pome and stone fruit.

Pome fruit: 35 ha
Stone fruit: 22 ha


Before being bought in 2008 from its previous owners, Odessa was a horse stud. The large property is excellent for keeping livestock and the climate is suitable for onion planting.

Vegetables: 50 ha
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